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The term Hypoglycemia is a combination of the Greek 'hypo' (meaning low), 'glyc' (sugar) 'emia' (in the blood). 

Hypoglycemia is a metabolic disturbance which is charicterised by fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Dr St Amand believes that 40% of women and 20% of men with fibromyalgia have hypoglycemia or carbohydrate intolerance. 

Hypoglycemia can produce a variety of symptoms in the person affected. Acute Symptoms include hand or inner shaking / tremor, panic attacks, heart pounding, acute anxiety and frontal headache / pressure. Chronic Symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, faintness, ringing ears, gas, abdominal cramps, flushing / sweating, foot / leg cramps, frontal / bi-temporal headaches and impaired concentration / memory. 

Hypoglycemia / carbohydrate intolerance can only be controlled by following Dr St Amand's HG diet. Removing both simple and complex carbohydrates from the diet means that the release of insulin is reduced and hypoglycemic symptoms will no longer result. 

Click here to access the Hypoglycemia FAQs from Dr St Amand's website. There is also an extensive recipe archive. All recipes have been checked by Claudia Marek or her assistants and are guaranteed to be compatible with Dr St Amand's HG diet.

There are also many low carbohydrate diets and websites available online. However, you should be aware that these are primarily for weight-loss. So you should double-check ingrediants against Dr St Amand's lists.


Dr St Amand's white paper on hypoglycemia. Part of the Fibromyalgia Treatment website.

Diets for Hypoglycemia

Information about fibromyalgia and hypoglycemia for physicians. Part of the Fibromyalgia Treatment website.

Other Resources

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The Glycemic Index

Background information about the glycemic index written by Rick Mendosa. 

Glycemic Index Lists

Rick Mendosa's page offers a comprehensive list of foods and their glycemic index.


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