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Updated January 2006

This page lists sources for guaifenesin and sal-safe products.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Guaifenesin will not work for fibromyalgia / CFS unless you follow the treatment protocol correctly. It is vital that you read What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Fibromyalgia and the information here and on Dr St Amand's Website before you start taking guaifenesin.

Dr St Amand's protocol was developed using long-acting (also called sustained release or extended release) guaifenesin, which was what was available on prescription at the time.

The generic long-acting Guaifenesin brands have now been replaced with a brand known as Mucinex (from Adams labs). This has a fast-acting layer and a time-released layer and comes in a 600mg tablet (the instructions say not to cut in half but Claudia Marek has confirmed that is fine to do when taking 300mg x 2). This is the only FDA approved extended release guaifenesin at present. The FDA is the US Food and Drug Administration. It is available without prescription.

Important: Since guaifenesin went over the counter in 2002, Dr St Amand has only observed three brands of guaifenesin which work consistently to clear the left thigh (the essential indicator of reversal) - these are Mucinex (also marketed as Pro-Health Guaifenesin 600mg), Marina del Ray compounded Guaifenesin (see below) and Guaifenesin FA (800mg tablets). Dr St Amand recommends that all patients take extended release guaifenesin up to 1200mg. If they need a higher dose they should top up with Guaifenesin FA.

Please click here for the latest guidelines from the Fibromyalgia Treatment website on this issue (May 2005).

If you are doing well on another brand, there is no need to change. If you are not progressing as expected (after rechecking products), especially if you have titrated up to a high dose, then we would recommend switching to one of these brands.

NEW: There is a new fast-acting guaifenesin now available from Grace Fibrosmile called Sologuai. This is more expensive than Guaifenesin FA. However it is aimed at those who are very sensitive to various inactive ingredients. It is dye-free, sweetner-free, vanillin-free, lactose-free, corn-free and is manufactured without exposure to latex. It contains no maltodextrin so it is suitable for those with hypoglycemia who are sensitive to it.

Please ensure that you buy guaifenesin as a single ingredient. Do NOT use cough mixtures. These should not be used to treat fibromyalgia. They contain other ingredients such as pseudoephedrine which can cause side-effects.

Guaifenesin tablets are not available in the UK at present. It is not yet licensed to be sold here as a single ingredient.

If you would like more advice about brands, please email Fiona, our administrator at Trigleann@aol.com.


STORAGE GUIDANCE: Store in a cool, dry, dark place, out of direct sunlight. Do not store your guaifenesin in a humid place (ie bathroom or kitchen) or in direct sunlight.  Do not store in the fridge.


Immue Support, based in California, sell Mucinex under the label Pro Health Guaifenesin 600. 

They also sell Guaifenesin FA. This comes in a 400mg tablet which is scored to be easily split in two. It is also dye-free for those with intolerances to dye.


Marina del Rey Pharmacy

US code + (310) 823 5311


Sell Pro Health Guaifenesin 600, Guaifenesin FA and Sologuai.

They also sell a compounded long-acting guaifenesin. This is dye-free and lactose-free and comes in 600mg scored tablets. A prescription is required for this product. For UK patients this means a private prescription. You may be able to get one from your GP but this is at their discretion.

Your prescription needs to state 'dye-free' or 'patient needs to split dosage' as Mucinex is difficult to break. There needs to be a specific reason for getting compounded guaifenesin rather than Mucinex.


Grace Fibro-Smile

Grace sell Pro-Health Guaifenesin 600mg and Sologuai.


Salicylate-Free Products

On our salicylates page you can link to our latest list of products checked by our members which we believe to be 'sal-safe'. These are all easily obtained in your local Boots or supermarket.

There are several companies which sell products guaranteed to be salicylate-free to support people following Dr St Amand's protocol. These are USA-based companies. 

Dr Stay

Dr Stay produce a wide range of salicylate-free dental products under the Grace label and now also produce a range of cosmetics, skin and haircare products. All are also hypoallergenic and chemically safe.

Andrea Rose

Personal Basics by Andrea Rose are a range of perfume-free, salicylate-free products, again including make-up, hair and body products and toothpaste.

Immune Support also sell Grace Fibro-Smile salicylate-free dental products. Marina del Ray pharmacy sell a good range of Grace, Andrea Rose and other sal-safe products.

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