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Below are some links to websites which some of our members have found useful. We have tried to keep this list concise to make it manageable.

Support Groups for aspects of FMS

IBS Network

A UK organisation for sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Vulvar Pain Society

A UK organisation.

Vulvar Pain Foundation

The US organisation which Dr St. Amand discusses in the book. They have a page on guaifenesin, as well as the low-oxalate diet and topical oestrogen therapy.

Bladder Pain Syndrome Association

This very useful UK website refers to Fibromyalgia and IBS as related to bladder pain.

UK Interstitial Cystitis Support Group

.A UK based group.


Letter to Normals

Many FMS/CFS websites quote the 'letter to normals' which explains what suffering from FMS is like. If you are having trouble explaining FMS to relatives or friends, have a look at the original 'letter to normals' on Bek Oberin's website. The website gives permission to print out the letter for personal use.

Claudia Marek has written her own version of the letter in her book (click to link to books page).


HG websites

NEW! recipe archive archive available on Dr St. Amand's website, with recipes sent in by guaiers. All suitable for Dr St. Amand's diet. Click here.

Low Carb in the UK

Low-Carb Luxury

A US site with lots of information and recipes.


Low Carb Products

Low-carb products are still hard to come by in the UK. Here are some online stores (be aware that products are expensive and also that some may not be compativle with Dr St. Amand's diet if you are hypoglycaemic.)

These stores are all based in the UK. You can order online or by phone:

Low-carb Megastore

Low-carb International




Splenda (sucralose) is a new sweetner widely available in UK supermarkets. The great advantage of Splenda is that you can cook with it. Sainsbury's sell it but not in all stores. If your local store doesn't sell it, Sainsbury's have a customer service helpline you can call and they will find the nearest store which sells it:

0800 636262

Claudia Marek has told us about a product called Wondercocoa. This is caffeine-free, sugar-free and fat-free! It is therefore suitable for those with hypoglycaemia. It makes a lovely hot chocolate sweetened with Splenda! Unfortunately none of the UK sites sell it yet.

UK-FMS-GUAI member Anna Worthington buys it from a US company:

The Mail Order Catalog for Healthy Eating

00 1 931 964 2241

A 7oz can costs $7.95 + shipping.

"I have ordered 2 or 3 and not paid any customs on the package (yet!), so I think it is most cost-effective to buy in bulk."


Drug-Free Pain Relief

Char, admin team member for Dr St. Amand's Guai Group, highly recommends various self-massage tools for pain relief and to ease those painful swollen cycling lumps. 

One of the tools she recommends for self massage is called a 'bonger'! It is like a palette knife with a rubber ball on the end. You use it to gently tap like a percussion instrument over the painful areas and it stimulates blood flow. Bongers are available at 'Walk-In Back Rub' stores. There are several branches in London and new ones due in Manchester and Birmingham:

Walk-In Back Rub

They also sell an electric head massager, recommended by several of our members.

Back 2

0207 935 0351

28 Wigmore St, 
W1U 2RN.

A shop dedicated to back care. They sell the other product recommended by Char, a 'backnobber'. This is a tool which helps you get to those awkward shoulder lumps for self-massage. They also stock ergonomically designed furniture, massage tools, seating block, travel pillows, etc.

Trigger Point Book

This book has been recommended to show you how to work on trigger points with your 'backnobber'. You can order from amazon.co.uk.

Many guaiers recommend emu oil. This sal-free oil is an excellent moisturiser, can be used for massage and is meant to help ease sore muscles. Women suffering from vulvodynia often find it helpful to protect sore genital tissue.

There are many online sources for emu oil but beware! Many have lavender fragrance which may be an essential oil and many products also contain plant extract which are SAL-FULL and BLOCK GUAI. 

This is one UK source for an unfragranced pure emu oil:

The Healthy House

01453 752216

Cost: #12.95 for 55g (a little goes a long way).

The Healthy House also stock many products for those with chemical sensitivities or allergies.



Some fibromyalgics have found lightboxes help their symptoms while they reverse on guai. If your symptoms (especially fatigue and depression) worsen in Winter, a lightbox may help.


This UK company allow you to have a home trial.

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